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Pay as you go phones particularly target at buyers section, which can't afford spending a large sum of money on the mobile and want to cut down their mobile charges. PAYG phones provide you freedom to tone up the handset with any amount of money and at any time, whichever your feel like.

Also termed as "Prepaid" elsewhere, Pay as you go phones are charged by the minute. Hence, you don't need to face the risk of spending more which you can afford.

These phones are also largely preferred due to their several advantages over the contract phones. Unlike the contract phone deals, these phones are free from any agreement of specific period and network. Therefore, these plans don't require signing a contract and incurring fees. There is no any tension of paying month end mobile bill. Moreover, you can sell your mobile phone and buy another one without any penalty.

Cheapest Deal of Today

Sony Xperia E

  • Network : O2
  • Minutes : 50
  • Text : Unlimited
  • Rent : £11.00 Per Month*

Why choose a payg phone from here?

Most of the people find PAYG or Pay As You Go phones always better than contract phones, as they don’t need to pay hefty bills at the end of every month. In fact, with PAYG phones, they pay for what or how much they use, which means why should you pay £30.00 (just an example) per month, when you can talk more at lower amount. @ Direct Phone Shop, we provide you with awe-inspiring PAYG phone deals, and a wide variety of deals to choose from. Here, you can get any latest phone, with brilliant offers from the retailers as well.

Cheapest Pay As You Go Mobile Phones

Pay as you go phones have been immensely popular amidst the mid range technophiles such as younger generation, college goers, house wives and so on, who are equally conscious towards the latest mobile phone technology, slim look as well as pocket-friendly pricing.

Pay as you go phones deals are available along with the handsets of internationally acclaimed brands such as Motorola, Samsung, Apple, Sony Ericsson, LG, Acer, BlackBerry or HTC. And what is even more pleasing that you can also lay your hands over the bestselling gadgets like Apple iPhone 4S, Apple iPad 2, HTC Sensation XL, Samsung Galaxy S2, Nokia Lumia 800, LG Optimus Me, LG Optimus 3D, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, Ray, Motorola Razr Maxx, BlackBerry Torch 9810, BlackBerry Torch 9860 and many more.

Aside from this, PAYG phones can be availed along with the services of prominent UK network carriers, which include Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, O2, Orange, T-mobile, Three Mobile, Talk Mobile and so on. You can go for anyone, whichever ticks all the boxes.

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Nokia Lumia 925