Cheap Contract Phones

Contract phones are the most popular mobile phone deals hitting the UK market. That's the reason, you will find out each new launched handset breaking its cover under these deals. The secret behind the craze towards these contract phones lies in their affordability as well as their availability along with fascinating free gifts and lots of incentives like free talk time, free text messages, instant cash back, free line rental and so on.

What's required to grab these cheap contract phones is to just enter into an agreement of 6, 12, 18 or 24 months. The selection of network service is also up to you and you can go for Vodafone, O2, Orange, Three Mobile, Talkmobile, T-Mobile, Virgin Media and a few others.

Step ahead, choose your dream handset, compare contract deals, select the best and be ready to enjoy a delightful online mobile phone shopping!

Cheapest Deal of Today

Sony Xperia E

  • Network : O2
  • Minutes : 50
  • Text : Unlimited
  • Rent : £11.00 Per Month*

Why choose a contract phone from here?

Finding a better contract phone is always a tough task to perform. However, contract phones are the best, when it comes to stay tension free from getting it recharged every time. And, at Direct Phone Shop, we understand how crucial a contract phone is in everyone’s life in today’s time. That is why we have come up with a simplified way with which you can easily identify a great contract phone within no time. There are two primary reasons for choosing a contract phone via Direct Phone Shop, and they are:

• More than 2 million deals to choose from
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Mobile Deals on Contract

Contract phones by their very nature allow the average customers to buy the new smartphone (nowadays every second phone handset is a smartphone only) by simply paying the network service provider or the mobile phone retailer monthly installments consisting of very low and affordable sums for the contract periods that extend from 12 months, 18 months to 24 months.

According to recently laid down guidelines by the official telecom regulatory body Ofcom, the network service carriers are not any more permitted to offer three year long contract phone plans. This makes the 24 month payment schemes the maximum contract period of the available contracts.

This also implies that practically all the mobile phones for all the makes and all models old and new will be available for free under several contract mobile phone deals offered by the network service providers that require monthly payments of sums ranging from £ 10 to £ 45 only.

Of course, a few of the higher end smartphone handsets like the newly launched Apple iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S3 etc. naturally come at slightly higher monthly liabilities attached to them.

The new Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB, for instance, is being offered for free by one of the leading network service operators under its £ 61 per month for the maximum period of 24 months only.

The attractions of any typical contract phone plan does not end here. That is the real beauty of contract phone deals. You have a seemingly long list of incentives that are enough to lure even your grandparents, leave aside the more given to temptations the younger generation. Thankfully for the network service carriers and the mobile phone retailers, it is the later category who form the biggest segment in the market place currently. They are expectedly not complaining.

Coming to the incentives, you have the following list of them available with practically every single contact phone plan floated in the market place by the network providers. These are –

Free mobile phone handset

Free calling minutes

Free text messages

Free internet data

Instant cash back offers

Either waiver of some monthly line rentals or completely free network connection for the duration of the contract period.

Last but not the least, the irresistible offer of a free gift in the form of any number of items chosen from again a long list of itmes including – laptops, 32 inch LCD TV, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Sony PlayStation 3 consoles, Apple iPod Nano, Apple iPad 2, HTC Flyer, Samsung Galaxy Tab, digital cameras, handycams, any of the most sought after mobile phone accessories, etc.

The contract phones besides the above-mentioned enticements, also lend themselves more easily to be converted to other popular mobile phone deals after a certain period of the contract say the mobile phone upgrade deals, and the clearance mobile phone deals.


Nokia Lumia 925